Ductwork Mold Removal

Residential & Commercial

Mold is a huge issue here in the Hampton Roads area, due to high moisture levels and heat during the summer. People tend to think of mold as something that can only grow inside of basements and is limited strictly to areas with leaks.

Although those areas are prime suspects, air ducts can also end up with mold growth inside and outside of them.

The tricky part is, that it’s the same air that’s forced for us to breathe and most air filters don’t remove mold particles from the air flow.

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We remove & treat mold inside ducts for homes, offices and large commercial buildings all over Hampton Roads which includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown and as far as Williamsburg VA!

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Why Does Mold Form Inside Ducts?

Just like with many other types of fungi and mildew, moisture is the key to facilitating growth of mold. Where there’s presence of moisture, there’s a possibility for mold to start growing and evolving.

Ducts are meant for air transfer and our Hampton Roads air, especially during the summer months, is hot and humid.

That creates the best conditions for mold to thrive! Don’t let it get you, consult with a professional today.