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Recover Furnace Safety and Efficiency

Furnace need to be cleaned at the beginning of the heating season and about once a month during periods of continuous use. Without cleaning and inspection, the furnace system can wear itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working.

Furnace Cleaning
Furnace Cleaning

The main parts of a furnace are: the blower motor which forces air through the duct system and coil assembly which cools or heats* the flowing air (heatpump units only*). When the motor's blades are dirty and/or the coil assembly is clogged, it will reduce the quanity of air circulating through the entire duct system. This causes dramatic loss of efficiency of the entire system up to 60%. The heating and cooling bill may double, the blower motor life will be reduced, and motor oil will be mixed with dust which will circulate through the duct system. The sign is black (oily) stains on vent covers or on sorounding ceiling or floor areas. A plugged coil assambly will create mold, mildew, and bacteria nests.   We serve all of Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, South Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News and Yorktown.

Furnace Coil Before Cleaning
Coil before cleaning
Furnace Coil After Cleaning
Coil after cleaning
Furnace Motor Before Cleaning
Motor before cleaning
Furnace Motor After Cleaning
Motor after cleaning

I was so pleased with the results of my air duct cleaning. I don't have to dust my house nearly as often as before, and I breathe much better! I'd definitely recommend Air Duct Care to any of my family or friends.

Christy B. Virginia Beach,Virginia

I have two kids that suffer severe allergies. I called Air Duct Care to clean and sanitize my ductwork. The technicians were so informative and let me know that I could save money by using the $99 whole house sanitizing. Needless to say, my kids no longer suffer allergies at home.

Cindy M. Chesapeake, Virginia

I recently moved into my house, and noticed no matter how much I cleaned, I still had dust everywhere in my house. I called Air Duct Care and they explained that it is because my duct work has probably never been cleaned. After cleaning, I notice no more dust throughout my home. I was very pleased with the quality of work performed and how nice their technicians were. I would definitely recommend Air Duct Care to my family, friends, and neighbors!

Laura G. Norfolk, Virginia

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We serve all of Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, South Chesapeake, Hampton, Suffolk, Newport News, Yorktown, and Williamsburg.


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